About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. is an IT Company with cards and personalization services as its core business. It aims to be a main player in the financial, telecommunications, transport, and retail industries. It also provides locally developed business solutions, and a carrier of best technology products from around the globe. Our headquarters is located at Ortigas Center in Metro Manila, which is the second largest business district in the country, next to Makati Central Business District.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We are a company that helps people and businesses expand their boundaries in the digital business era.

Our Mission

We aim to provide powerful business solutions through global convergence of information technology.

Cards and Personalization Services

The company is currently working on to construct a Research & Development Hub, and Cards Manufacturing and Personalization Plant, which is located at San Manuel, Tarlac, in Central Luzon. It is a two-hour drive from Metro Manila, with 24/7 Security, free from traffic, flood, and other common tropical conditions that may disrupt business operations. The total available developable area is 4.5 hectares (45,000 square meters) and the Cards Manufacturing and Personalization Plant occupies 3,500 square meters. Once completed, the Plant will become the largest card manufacturing and personalization plant in the country. This is designed to cater to about 100 Million customers in the Philippines and its neighboring countries.

The Cards Manufacturing and Personalization Plant will offer the following services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Personalization
  • Fulfillment
  • Paper Printing
  • Specialized Packaging

Business Oppurtunities

In 2013, following the global trend about the migration of financial cards from Magnetic Stripe Cards to Chip Cards, the Central Bank of the Philippines released a mandate to all banks to follow the chip migration and made a deadline until 2017. This chip card technology has been spreading all over the world and it became popularly known as the Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) Technology. Unfortunately, to produce this technology requires high capitalization and expertise. Therefore, only few companies around the world can manufacture and supply the chips. In the Philippines, despite numerous card manufacturers already existing, manufacturer for the EMV chips are yet to exist. Hence, the chips have to be outsourced.

There are around 10 major card players in the Philippine Market. However, only 4 companies are able to sell the chip cards very well. This is because the banking clients prefer to deal only with companies that have Experience, Scale and Global Presence.

Given the perfect timing and the opportunities that came to Spark Global, the company decided to join the game and build its own Chip Card Manufacturing and Personalization Plant in San Manuel, Tarlac, Philippines.
This plant envisions of becoming:

  • The largest chip card plant in the country in terms of land area and production capacity.
  • The first to offer premium services brought by best-in-class technologies from industry-leading suppliers around the world.
  • The only plant to be accredited by all payment schemes: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, JCB, CUP and Diners.

The current card base of the Philippines is around 150 Million, and roughly around 40-50% have been serviced by the existing manufacturers for the chip card migration. This figure gives hope to which the company believes that they just came in the most opportunistic timing.